Marco Polo Community
Bill of Rights
We believe close relationships are essential to happiness and emotional well-being. So our purpose is simple: helping people feel close. This affects everything we do — from the technology we create to the business decisions we make to the words you’re reading right now. Here’s what you can count on from Marco Polo:
You have a right to your privacy.
You’re entitled to nurture your relationships without worrying about who’s doing what with your data. We don’t and won’t sell any information about you. To anyone. For any purpose.
You deserve to know where your money goes.
You can use the free version of Marco Polo and never give this a second thought. But if you do choose to upgrade and subscribe, know you’re supporting an ethical, purpose-driven business that’s looking out for you.

We’ll never make money by sharing your personal information with others or showing you their ads. Because even if those funds could fuel our business, they wouldn’t support your well-being, privacy or happiness. Our subscription model helps cover our devoted team and essential technology, and lets us invest back into our business, so Marco Polo can be there for your everyday interactions and special moments long-term.
You have a right to authentic experiences.
You deserve the freedom to interact with the people you care about, however and whenever you’d like. We’ll never use manipulative tools to increase your time or attention in our app. We encourage you to be authentically you: video first, no editing, no posing. And we’ll keep conducting and sharing research to make sure Marco Polo remains a positive thing for you and the world.
You deserve to be heard.
Marco Polo exists to help people feel close. That includes feeling close to Marco Polo. We created it for our own friends, families—and you. So we take your feedback seriously and invite you to share your thoughts with us any time right here.