The Marco Polo Ambassador program empowers individuals who feel passionate about real connection and bringing people together to support a cause: combating loneliness one meaningful connection at a time.

How it works


We’re looking for people who believe in the power of connection and close relationships.


Share your story and our purpose—helping people feel close—with your communities.

Build a happiness movement, together

The key to happiness is close relationships. The more people who know, the happier and more connected the world will be.


What are the responsibilities of a Marco Polo Ambassador?

We have big goals, but we need your help to get there. Participation means educating people on the importance of close connections for a happy life, how Marco Polo can help you feel more connected, and sharing your own stories for inspiration.

There are lots of ways to share. Some post on social media; others tell their communities in person and assist them in downloading the app; some host events; and some even bring information wherever they go, like their kid’s baseball game, a local farmers market, or neighborhood block party. The possibilities are endless.

Ambassadors are asked to participate in two missions over three months, dedicating approximately 5-10 hours per month.

How do I know what to share?

Your own experience is the best place to start. Share your story during the missions in whatever creative ways feel authentic to you!

Share your personal story: We want you to tap into your creativity, so we encourage you to post your own personal stories anytime, from relationships you’ve strengthened to the real Polos you've exchanged with the people you love.

Marco Polo missions: Each mission has a unique theme and content you can leverage for your outreach.

Are ambassadors paid?

This is not an affiliate or paid influencer program so we are not offering financial compensation at this time. We’re looking for people who believe in our cause–spreading the power of connection and combating loneliness–and want to collaborate with us to champion that cause.

This program is not focused on sales or encouraging sales-oriented behaviors. We're all about the stories we tell, the connections we build, and the genuine sense of fulfillment we experience when we collaborate with all of you.

What are the perks of being a Marco Polo Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you'll receive exclusive swag, the ability to gift two months of free premium access to Plus to your friends, family, and communities, and behind-the-scenes access to meet our senior team. You'll have insider access to what's next from Marco Polo before anyone else and special events, and meet your fellow ambassadors in ambassador-only community groups.

What qualities make a strong ambassador candidate?

Marco Polo Ambassadors are passionate advocates who believe in the power of authentic connection. We need community builders who are not shy about sharing their stories and sharing the benefits of Marco Polo with their communities.

Is a substantial social media following required?

No! We embrace the diversity within our community and aim to engage with individuals through a blend of in-person interactions and online interactions on various social platforms.